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The nursery has capacity for 78 children. We have 4 spacious rooms and the children are separated into smaller group sizes depending on their age so that all resources and activities can be appropriate for their age range and abilities.


The children have access to extensive continuous provision and free flow between rooms and the garden to enhance learning and development through child-led play and exploration.


The nursery is very secure as the building is an ex-police armed response unit. The building already has top rate security measures in place to keep children safe including a have 6ft steel security fence around the garden.


There is a very spacious garden which offers educational learning through a sand and water play, construction, sports, and physical play. We also have a nature area and a vegetable patch for the children to grow herbs and vegetables.


Our reception that is manned at all times so there is always someone to talk to if you have any queries.






About Us

We are an Ofsted rated 'Good' setting. The report recognises that our quality of teaching is good and staff work effectively in partnership with parents.


We have highly qualified staff members working above the government ratio regulations, ensuring children receive a better quality of care. The Nursery Manager is supernumerary to oversee consistency of practice and ensures all the children’s individual needs and learning outcomes are met.


Since our Ofsted report was published we have invested in more technological resources including tablets with educational, age appropriate games for the children. We have also updated our garden so that it is split into smaller areas including a role play area, construction area, a sensory area/ fairy garden and a separate non-mobile baby area with rubber mat flooring.





Above: Olivia and Kerry, part of our management team.

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baby flowers

Ofsted Rated 'Good' Nursery


Parents have the option to purchase a Moorwell Miracles uniform for their child to help them settle in and prepare for school.


We have a choice of polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, fleece jackets, hats and bags which have the option to be personalised with your child's name.

Our Healthy Meals

We provide scrumptious, healthy meals, which meets the children's dietary preferences. All our food is homemade and is prepared on the premises, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.


The menu is different each day, and is rotated every three weeks, with ingredients used seasonally at different times of the year.


We will provide suitable alternatives for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, food allergies and cultural observances.

Our commitment to supporting children’s well-being and involvement has led us to elect a very child-led, spontaneous approach to routine. We focus on having a setting where all children feel secure and engaged in what they are doing.


When children are deeply engaged their brains are developing new synapses, creating memory. These memories play an important role in a child’s learning and development.


We offer the children ‘free flow play’ for the majority of the day. This is where the children are given the time to choose their own play and activities with no interruptions. This creates a calm, relaxed environment for children to become deeply engaged in their choice of activity, progressing their learning and development.


As practitioners our role is to provide the resources needed for play and exploration, and to facilitate learning by listening and being intuitive to the children’s needs and wants. We do this through observation, carefully planned interactions and using consistent boundaries for the children to follow.


Children also have the choice to play inside or outside at any time of the day. Our practitioners ensure they are correctly supervised and that continuous provision activities are available outside as well as inside. This means children always have access to the same learning opportunities throughout the day.

Child-Led Daily Routine

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