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Healthy Eating

At Moorwell Miracles Nursery, we have an experienced cook who prepares nutritiously healthy meals, which include breakfast as necessary, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and tea.

We have a nursery cook on the premises all day who use high-quality meat, fruit and vegetables to provide freshly prepared meals daily, which include vegan and vegetarian options.

Babies home feeding routines are continued in the nursery and we work alongside parents to introduce a successful weaning programme.

​Mealtimes are a social occasion and an opportunity for children and staff to interact within our family environment. Children are encouraged to try new foods and widen their knowledge and tastes.

An alternative meal will be provided for your child if they have an allergy, intolerance, or for religious beliefs.


By six months, babies should be physically ready to start eating solid foods. The nursery will provide support for the weaning process, ensuring that every baby is provided with freshly prepared vegetables and fruit.

A copy of the three week menu is available on our menu page. You can also request a recipe should your child have a favourite dish you wish to try at home.

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