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At Moorwell Miracles Nursery, we believe that wearing uniform from the age of 2 encourages the children to have a sense of belonging and pride in nursery and helps them in their preparation for school.

The uniform can be worn by babies and children of any age. Whilst the uniform is optional for all our children, it is essential that they wear comfortable, safe and suitable clothing for their busy day.

All uniform items are ordered and delivered directly with nursery through our Nursery Manager, Michaela. If you wish to order uniform, please email Michaela on

Although protective clothing is provided by Moorwell Miracles Nursery for messier activities, we cannot guarantee that clothing will be completely free from mess, spillages or tearing. We ask if all children can bring a spare change of clothing in their bags and extra sets for those children that are toilet training. We encourage independence from a young age, so we advise wearing shoes that are easy for children to take off and put on themselves. For this reason, velcro shoes are recommended over laces. Please ensure the children don’t wear lose shoes or flip flops.

For our full uniform list along with prices, please click here.

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