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Our Team

The setting is managed by a highly qualified, experienced management team with years of experience:

  • 85% of staff qualified to Level 3 or above

  • Management team hold degree level qualifications

  • We work on a ratio +1 across the setting

We operate an amazing apprentice programme where our apprentices develop and learn quickly through highly qualified and experienced practitioners. We follow strict recruitment procedures and monitor staff’s ongoing suitability closely. All staff are supported in their individual growth and development through training, coaching and mentoring.

Our team of practitioners make our nursery special because they love working with children. This allows them to form wonderful bonds with the children, helping our children feel safe and secure and ready for learning.

Although we are not their parents,

We care for them each day.

We cuddle, sing and read to them,

And watch them as they play.

We see each new accomplishment,

And help them to grow and learn.

They come to us for comfort,

We soothe away their tears.

They proudly show their work to us,

We give them the loudest cheers.

No, we are not their parents,

But our role is just as strong.

We know some day the time will come,

When we will have to part.

But know each child we care for,

Is forever in our hearts.

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