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Waiting List

When Will I Be Offered a Place?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict when you might be offered a place. The length of time on the waiting list is subject to many variables, such as choice of nursery, age of child, requested attendance pattern and requested start date.

Many parents contact us to ask for their position on the waiting list, whilst we understand the importance of this request, we can’t guarantee a numbered position. The waiting list is dynamic, and the positions can fluctuate (if those with higher priorities than you subsequently apply such as full time or siblings).

As such, giving out waiting list positions can lead to false expectations and for that reason we avoid relaying any detail. Additionally, you may be very high on the waiting list, but until there is a place available that meets your attendance pattern, you could stay in that position for some time.

Availability/Turnover & Places

There is generally a turnover of approximately 30% in the nursery each year. Most of the movement takes place around September as the eldest children leave our nursery to transition on to school. We can’t guarantee places, however, we will do our very best to ensure your place is fulfilled once a place becomes available.


Parents who require full time places, 5 days a week or parents with siblings who are looking for multiple places at Moorwell Miracles Nursery will be given priority.

Moorwell Miracles Nursery is deliberately kept at maximum occupancy to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from a nursery place. However, this means that until we receive leave notices from existing parents, we are unable to offer new placements.

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