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How We Teach

Early years education is all about “supporting children to acquire the skills and capacity to develop and learn effectively, and to be ready for the next stages in their learning, especially school” (EYFS, 2017).

Moorwell Miracles aims to create a foundation for learning through building independence, resilience, and self-esteem through our teaching practices. Children with these characteristics are much more capable learners with the ability to remain happy and optimistic and to always try their best.

We have very high expectations for our children to succeed in whatever they put their mind to. We achieve this by recognising the effort our children put into very piece of work and every activity rather than the finished product.


We make sure children are happy and enjoy what they are doing. Practitioners monitor each child’s well-being and involvement and use empathy in all their interactions to encourage children to feel confident and safe. Our interactions teach that children can try something new, take risks and make mistakes as our practitioners encourage children to do things for themselves and make their own choices. This resilience is built through practitioners creating strong bonds with children, so they have a safe base to explore and practitioners will be there if they need support.

Overall, we hope to teach the children that the nursery belongs to them, we are one big family and we respect and look after each other. We aim to develop a sense of community and citizenship within the children teaching them to be kind to others, to be good listeners and to make good choices.

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