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English as an Additional Language

Children who have English as a second or third language are very welcome at Moorwell Miracles and we work alongside parents and carers to make sure that we offer the best learning environment.

Before your child joins our nursery, we’ll make sure you are happy with the way we work and communicate with you and your child, and we’ll show you how we help your child to learn English alongside their first language. We can share resources with you that will help you to support your child wherever you can.

We support children who are multilingual or who are at an early stage of acquiring the English language in the following ways:

  • Settling sessions are designed to suit individual children and we will work with you to ensure that your child has a successful start.

  • Signs and gestures are used to reinforce words.

  • We use your child’s interests and experiences and make sure we include those in what we plan for children.

  • We can offer a visual timetable for children to see the order in which day to day events happen.

  • We read and tell stories using props (toys, pictures etc.).

  • Some of the books are written in both English and another language.

  • We use – google translate, apps, translator service (Language Link) and interpreters to help us communicate with you.

  • Each child has their own learning journey on our Famly App so that they can always look at personal photos from home and nursery.

  • We display significant words in the children’s home languages e.g. hello, goodbye.

  • We do small group work with children to help them learn English.

  • We play simple games such as I-spy to help with naming common objects.

  • Many of our forms and letters can be made available in other languages.

  • We celebrate events that are relevant to the children and invite parents to join us.

If you would like any more information about our EAL provision then please contact:

To read our full EAL policy, please click here.

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