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Famly App

Our online learning journal is a simple, yet effective, way to record and track information, whilst allowing us to develop a collaborative partnership with our parents.

Famly enhances this special time helping our practitioners capture the children’s experiences as well as monitor their development and learning. Our fun-packed, busy days consist of anything from first steps to messy play, learning phonics and new games, there’s so much for children to do, learn and take in. This unique journal is shared online with parents, who can view special moments and see their child’s progress day in day out.

Every entry helps to create a complete story of a child’s time at Moorwell Miracles Nursery.

​Your Famly

Many parents use Famly daily to view observations, images, videos, notes and comments of their child. Through these observations, parents can see what their child has been learning each day, along with nappy changes, sleep times, meals and snacks.

In addition, parents can also contribute their own stories of their children’s life outside of nursery by uploading their own observations to Famly.

Famly is incredibly user friendly and can be accessed via the internet or the Famly app that can be downloaded to your iPad/iPhone/android device. Parents receive notifications when a new observation of their child has been uploaded and is ready to view.

If you already have login details to your Famly account, you can log in by clicking the logo below:

To create a new account please email our Nursery Manager;

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